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Play Rune2006 - Plural - 10-19-2013 07:24 PM

Welcome to Rune2006

1. Registration
To be able to play, you need to register an account on our forum.
Click here to start the registration process.

2. Playing
Once you registered your account you can use it to login to the game.
There are two options: Either you play in your browser, or you use our download client.

2.1 Desktop Client
NOTE: Desktop Client is the preferred way to play!
Click here to download!

To play, just double click on the downloaded Client.Jar and the game will start up.

3. Forums
To be able to participate on the forums and make posts, please activate your account.

4. Problems logging in?
Make sure the password you entered is 100% correct.
If the client applet gets blocked that is most likely because your Java is outdated, or your java security settings do not allow self-signed apps to run in the browser.
Please follow this tutorial first if you have issues.
For any issues I suggest you send me (Plural) a private message on the forum so that I can help you resolve the issue.